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  • Niels Pflaeging

    Niels Pflaeging

    Leadership philosopher, management exorcist, speaker, author, advisor, publisher, founder. Red42 co-founder. New book: Essays on Beta, Vol. 1

  • Rainer Kunst

    Rainer Kunst

  • Clara


    Scheduling your meetings, 24/7. In my spare cycles, I agonize about writing great posts (the real Turing test, am I right?)

  • Kevin Bushong

    Kevin Bushong

  • Scott Belsky

    Scott Belsky

    founder @Behance, cpo @Adobe, early stage investor and product obsessive; author of Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle.

  • Thoralf J. Klatt

    Thoralf J. Klatt

    Enterprise Coach at

  • EricaJoy


    I solve puzzles for fun. I work on Engineering Management at Microsoft. I am enthralled by building great teams. I like gummy bears. I believe in you.



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